8Sinn Right & Left Side Plate for RED V-Raptor + x2 8Sinn Black Raven Top Handle , Lewa i prawa płytka + x2 rączka dla V-Raptor



8Sinn Right & Left Side Plate for RED V-Raptor + x2 8Sinn Black Raven Top Handle , Lewa i prawa płytka + x2 rączka dla V-Raptor

Side Plates key features:- 2 points of plate-to-camera attachment on each side- 1/4″ mounting points- 3/8″ mounting points + Arri locating points- Aluminum madeHandle key features:- 2 x Arri locating points- 1 x cold shoe mount- 1/4″ mounting points- Attachment: 3/8″ thread + Arri locating pins- No-tools adjustment8SINN RIGHT & LEFT SIDE PLATES FOR RED® V-RAPTOR + 2 PCS 8SINN BLACK RAVEN TOP HANDLEThis page presents a set of several 8Sinn products that are also sold separately. 8Sinn reversible right side plate dedicated to the RED® V-Raptor camera is a left/right side plate. That is it can be mounted not only on the cameras left but also right side. The plate is attached to the camera by 2 screws. The only two places where the plate adheres the camera’s body is the place where screws are attached. Such solution prevents the camera from unwanted damage by the use of too long screws. 8Sinn RED® V-Raptor plate is equipped with many mounting points: 1/4″ as well as 3/8” Arri locating points.8Sinn Left side plate for RED® V-Raptor camera is an air-aluminum plate that was designed specifically to be mounted on RED® V-Raptor camera’s right side. Right side plate is full of various mounting points, both 1/4″ and 3/8” Arri. It doesn’t cover crucial camera elements like vents. 8Sinn guarantees full access to all camera ports, plugs, inputs, and outputs.The 8Sinn Black RAVEN Top Handles are attached to both Left & Right Side Plates to allow easy handheld shooting. Each Handle has a built-in Arri standard locating pins with the 3/8″ mounting screw in the middle. It guarantees safe and steady handle-to-cage attachment plus adjustment. Besides that, the users can find the usual 1/4″ threads on top and the cold shoe mount at the front-top.Set includes: 1pc 8Sinn Right Side Plate for RED® V-Raptor, 1pc 8Sinn Left Side Plate for RED® V-Raptor, 2pcs 8Sinn Black RAVEN Top Handle

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